How to find your wedding florist

by fpickles on February 19, 2015

I am very proud that a blog post I wrote recently, offering tips and hints for couples starting off on the process of finding their wedding florist, has been featured on the wonderful blog Flowerona – THE go to place for all things floral!!

I have got to know and understand relatively well who will want our flowers and ultimately use us to create their wedding flowers.  When I first started out (ten years ago this year!) when I did a wedding fair I used to do a design for low budget, one for a higher budget, one in calla lilies, one in roses etc etc etc – a scatter gun approach to wedding floristry, fire enough things out there and someone will want something!

I have learned this is not how it works, certainly for us anyway.  If you see us at a wedding fair now, you will know that we go all out for our own style – big blowsy flowers, with herbs, scented and very natural and loose. If someone loves the stand, they will love our flowers, if they don’t they won’t. Quite obvious you may think, well maybe so, but not all florists do this and certainly not all couples understand this. So I wrote the piece mainly to help make things a little more apparent to newly engaged couple, but also to help fellow florists.

Table centre Hazlewood Castle

It is not at all obvious to the vast majority of people whether a florist is the equivalent of Primark, Karen Millen or Prada so I have tried to offer some tips of things to look for in a florist and what is important to you.  Things one florist knows and understands about another florists style, things that are “obvious” to someone else in the trade, go unnoticed to most people, so asking them to choose a florist is like blindfolding them in the centre of London and asking them to find a specific dress in a specific colour.

I’ll let you read the post and absorb the information Firenza Floral Design – tips on how to find the right wedding florist for you

I’m really pleased that is has been very well received by brides and florists alike and it’s even prompted a few spin off blog posts.

I’ll follow on shortly with a totally honest post on where on this scale we fall, warts and all….. not that we have warts …… and if we did I definitely wouldn’t make it public…..

I’d love to hear your thoughts too :) Fiona x


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